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Event Origins

A Meeting of Hearts and Souls Inspired by Jazz

Let's Create Jazzy Memories Together



Do you remember that unforgettable scene last autumn, when thousands of people lined up to form the word "JAZZ" at the Taichung Jazz Festival? As we look back on the past 12 years of this festival, every moment is worth preserving, and every person we have encountered is worth cherishing. The Jazz Festival has become the best representation of Taichung City as well as a landmark musical event in Taiwan and Asia.

This year’s 13th Taichung Jazz Festival, which will last nine days, invites top jazz musicians from around the world to once again gather in Taichung, creating a common musical language of communication between the world and Taiwan. This meeting place of every heart and soul with a deep love for music promises to once again create wonderful and unforgettable jazz memories.


The 2015 Taichung Jazz Festival is a moment when we gather together to move to the melodies and rhythms of jazz under romantic starlit skies on a green expanse, bathed in soothing breezes. Please join us and explore your true musical self….Jazz Your Way!

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