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Listening to the Beautiful Sounds of the City
in the " Jazz Green Land "

" All kinds of characters and styles " is the perfect world to describe this charming city, Taichung. The food culture, the phenomenal view of mountainous and sea, and humanities and arts…every corner carries the citizen’s emotions for the city. Taichung Jazz Festival that is celebrating its 15th year is the most profound music memory of Taichung people.

As the first jazz festival in Asia, Taichung Jazz Festival continues to keep its commitment of quality, striving to become the largest jazz festival in Asia. This year, the festival will span 9 days with 5 venues and 51 teams from all over the world, along with a variety of activities, bringing you an unforgettable and wonderful jazz journey. As for the program planning of this year, Taichung Jazz Festival particularly cooperates with other two major jazz festivals in Asia, Japans’ Tokyo Jazz Festival and Korea’s Jarasum International Jazz Festival, to gather Asian jazz energy through the program exchanges, hoping to build an integration platform of Asian Jazz music and cultural resources in the future.

With a sincere heart, we invite you to visit Taichung in October of this year. Let us walk in the streets of the early autumn, swinging to jazz music cozily in the Jazz Green Land all together!