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The Youth Jazz Big Band

This year, "The Youth Jazz Big Band Project" has reached its 11th year, each year, the Youth Star Jazz Band recruits new members via a selection and training process, and has now grown to over 300 members. This band fosters the talents of many young musicians with a passion for jazz music and many of its participants have achieved outstanding accomplishments within jazz circles.

Like the other years, any young musician with basic skills and an interest in jazz can sign up for the selection process. Teachers, including Cheng-Yu Lee, Su-Yeh will conduct careful reviews of candidates to make a final selection of members.

During the five-day training program, teacher Cheng-Yu Lee will be the orchestra conductor, and professional musicians in Taiwan will form a training team that creates and leads programs, including jazz appreciation, performing skill instruction, and band practice. Guided by these professionals, all participants can practice and learn together. We sincerely hope that each band member will continue to practice and improve until that day when they shine on stage.


9/06 (Wed) Campus Tour : Taichung Yu-Ying Junior High School
9/15 (Fri) Campus Tour : The Affiliated Senior High School of National Chung Hsing University
9/20 (Wed) Campus Tour : Taichung Municipal Shuang Shin Junoir High School
9/29 (Fri) Campus Tour : Taichung Municipal Wen-Hua Senior High School
9/27 (Wed) 11:00-11:10 2017 Taichung Jazz Festival Press Conference
10/14 (Sat) 19:00-20:00 2017 Taichung Jazz Festival J Stage Concert

Band Members
Conductor: Cheng-Yu Lee
Band Instructor: Nick Javier, Su-Yeh, Jay Ko