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Taichung Jazz Festival, organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government, has been one the major annual art and cultural events in Taiwan. With a high level of public support and participation, Taichung Jazz Festival, now entering its 15th year, has become the most anticipated event in the autumn. Every year, there are more than one million jazz fans gathering together in the Taichung Civic Square, swinging to the music. With many years of efforts and a variety of peripheral activities, the jazz music culture has been successfully rooted and thrived in Taichung!

2017 Taichung Jazz Festival will be held over 9 days from 10/7 to 10/15 in two main venues, Taichung Civic Square and Calligraphy Greenway. This year, all jazz fans in Taiwan are welcome to join us to be the Jazz Volunteers! If you join us to be the Jazz Volunteers, you will receive a series of free and professional training courses regarding the history of jazz music. After the courses, you will totally fall in love with the charm of the swinging rhythm of jazz music!

In addition, volunteers will be divided into different teams based on individual professionals and ambitions. In the 9-day Taichung Jazz Festival, you can do your best to convey the spirit and stories of the festival to more people, and present the beautiful city festival to both Taiwanese and foreign friends. We sincerely invite you to join the Taichung Jazz Festival team. Follow Us! Join Jazz!

2017 Taichung Jazz Festival
Jazz Volunteer

Registration Period
From now to 9/5, 2017 (Tue)
No matter you are students or non-students, if you are over 18 years old with an enthusiasm for service and an interest in jazz music, you can come to join us! Schools above college level and clubs are welcome to register as a group.
Service Periods
4 periods are at least required.
1. 10/09 (Mon), 10/11 (Wed), 10/12 (Thu), 10/13 (Fri) - 18:30 ~ 22:00
2. 10/07 (Sat), 10/08 (Sun), 10/10 (Tue), 10/14 (Sat), 10/15 (Sun) - 14:30 ~ 22:00
Work Divisions
1. Reception Team - Assist with reception duties and the affairs related to the participating bands.
2. Photography Team - Take photos and videos during the festival period.
3. Guidance Team - Assist with on-site traffic management, activity consultation, and site situation control
Volunteer Training
The details of the time and place of the training will be sent to those successfully registered volunteers via an e-mail on 9/11 (Mon). All volunteers are obligated to participate in the one-day volunteer training. Failure to attend will disqualify the volunteer.
Training Course
9/16 (Sat)
A. Jazz Ideas - Regarding Taichung Jazz Festival, job assignment and training
B. Jazz Lesson - Jazz Music Course
C. Jazz Action - Fire Safety Course
Pre-work Introduction
10/5 (Thu) 19:00 ~ 20:00 - Pre-work meeting & group coordination meeting
Volunteer Incentives
All volunteers will be rewarded a limited edition CD of 2017 Taichung Jazz Festival, a Certificate of Appreciation by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government, and reservation for Jazz Master Classes.
Volunteers who serve at least 6 periods (2 or more holidays must be included) will be further rewarded with a limited edition T-shirt of 2017 Taichung Jazz Festival.

Registration Form for Golden Jazz Band Awards

2017 Taichung Jazz Festival
Jazz Volunteer